Addictions of GenZ

Humans of Safe Places has hosted another webinar, this time on The Addiction of GenZ, where we discussed Indian Urban Teen’s struggles with mental health issues with the author of Stoned, Shamed, Depressed: An Explosive Account of the Secret Lives of Indian Teens- Jyotsna Mohan. From Marijuana to Eating Disorders, this webinar covered it all.

Toxic Relationships

This time we have addressed Toxic Relationships; we went through its signs and effects on people and thus, attempted to create awareness around toxic relationships. They exist in families, in the workplace, and among friend groups. The impact of the unhealthy relationship creates insecurity, poor self-image, unhappiness, and reduced energy.

Importance of Therapy

Society still at large talks hesitantly and ignorantly about mental illnesses. The stigma that exists around mental health, impacts many individuals on both interpersonal levels and institutional levels. On the occasion of World Mental Health Day, Humans of Safe Places in collaboration with Therapize India is conducted a webinar discussing the Importance of Therapy.


Anupama Dalmia

Founder & Chief Mentor, Beyond the Box

She believes that learning is fun when you make it fun. Her mission is to help children and budding writers unbox the joy of writing and develop love for the written word. Our vision is to empower children by encouraging them to own their thoughts and expressions. She constantly strives to not just nurture the creative writing skills of kids but to give them the stimulus to become more perceptive, observant and thoughtful individuals

Harish Bhuvan

Founder, Whaterr

Guinness Book of World Record Holder in POCSO training for children. 2 times TEDx Speaker. Master trainer for POSH, Life skills, Clowning, and Storytelling. Counselor, Coach, Clown, and Consultant. Conducted over 5000 workshops in schools, colleges, and corporate spaces. 

Akassh K Aggarwal


Akassh K Aggarwal, a TEDX SPEAKER is an LGBTQIA+ Rights activist who, through the power of his heart rendering “LifeStories”, has helped the society identify and confront its biases towards the community. He has made significant impact through his policy work and represents voice of the LGBTQIA+ community through his guest appearances in various TV debates and National Public Events. a well known social media Influencer and Bollywood Accessory Designer.

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