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Sudhir Bhadra

Council of Scientific &

Industrial Research, Dona Paula

" It was more of a realisation that there are stories trapped inside of everyone, that they couldn’t tell. There are so many people who have traumas of different kind and they kept it for so long and couldn’t express to anyone. This hit the conscience and asked me to reflect upon myself and my surrounding. People should join to explore people and their stories, participate in good causes and most importantly to feel happy that you are unlike many people, at least trying for a change."


Rajanish Sharma

Indraprastha University

"I’ve learnt from HoSP that every issue or story is important and should be heard and should be given an opportunity to be heard and that no issue or problem is either too small or too big to be talked about. HoSP also provides a very good and comfortable working environment along with a flexible schedule. I never was under any pressure while working with them due to the fact that they understood the difference obstacles I was facing and hence had a great time working with them. "


S Harini

 Bioinformatics Engineer

Strand Life Sciences

"I heard stories of people from various sects of life and I learned to interact and be empathetic. It taught me to know more about people and how to respect and value differences amongst us. By working at HoSP, I learned writing, photo editing and even digital media marketing to an extent."


Sirjan Walia

House of Ataraxia

"Humans of Safe Places was one of the first stepping stones of my professional career. From my Graphic designing, video editing to content curation all of my firsts came with HoSP. It became this safe community where you can learn, make mistakes and grow! Whoever doesn’t take up an opportunity to learn, grow and explore under the leadership of Shorya is simply missing out."