You still can’t mess with a man

After facing bullying and so many other issues throughout my school life, college turned out out to be a breathe of fresh air. I was involved in many societies, and I really enjoyed it. After that I became an activist, and joined politics through one of the student political organisations of my college. I was in the Executive Committee and was going to become the vice president of the organisation’s Delhi wing.

Through this organisation, I met a guy whom I really liked, and I believe that even he liked me back. He was a poet and would often send me his shayaris(poems) and we used to talk sometimes on phone. Once he came to my college and I also introduced him to my friends. But one day, he suddenly stopped talking to me. I tried to talk to him and text him but he blocked me from everywhere.

After that - he, along with a few other men whom I considered my friends, spread rumours about me and slut shamed me that I was a kind of a girl who could sleep with anyone. I began hearing rumours about me from friends. Also life after that became very difficult, because random men would just come to me and try to get cozy with me.

We both were also a part of the play, where he was the assistant director. After this incident, I was also made to quit the play. Forget about being made the vice president of the organisation that I had worked so hard for, I was not even appointed to the executive committee again. The saddest part is that it wasn’t just men, but even women who gossiped behind my back and doubted me, instead of understanding me or being sympathetic towards me

I want to say, that lets just say that even if I did sleep with a lot of men around me, how did that render me incapable of leading my organisation, or how does that malign my so called character. How does one man, just by the virtue of being a man has so much power to destroy my reputation and discredit all my hard work.

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