You shouldn't work out, you are pregnant

Story by Anshu Tiwary

As a certified fitness and yoga trainer, I’ve always enjoyed working out. Staying fit has always been a very fulfilling experience for me. I’ve managed to incorporate my work out routine into my lifestyle even during my pregnancy. Though I made a few alterations to it as expected, I still relish working out.

Before I became pregnant, I worked out six days a week. I lifted weights thrice a week and also took part in yoga sessions. My work out sessions were regular and intense. I overlooked group work out sessions and loved motivating my clients to do their best.

My pregnancy surprised me as there were still a few days left for my period. But I had a feeling that I was pregnant. Somehow, I just knew. So, I decided to take a home pregnancy test. And just like I had predicted, the test results turned out to be positive!

I received my lab test results the very next day when I was in the middle of a workout session. Normally, I don’t use my phone during my sessions. But I couldn’t help but check my phone out of anticipation for any news. And I was right. I was almost 5 weeks pregnant! I rang up my husband to spill the good news. And then, I finished my entire workout.

My pregnancy didn’t stop me from working out. Sure, the intensity of my sessions had changed. I made adjustments to my routine in accordance with my body’s needs.

People see pregnancy as this illness and are discouraged from being active. So it was no surprise that the people around me were sceptical of me being so active during my pregnancy. I told them that I’ve been in the fitness field for years and knew what I was doing.

It’s really important to work out during pregnancy with expert advice. My doctor told me that she is not an expert when it comes to fitness. I was told to rely on my knowledge or consult a fitness expert for the same.

When my family saw the way my pregnancy was progressing, they couldn’t help but change their minds. My mother still worries sometimes but she’s on board. I inherited my fitness genes from her after all.

Now, I work out 3-4 times a week and go out for a walk at least once a week. My workouts consist of full body training. I do yoga twice a week and this enriches my body. I focus more on exercises which will help me deliver my baby. Giving birth takes tremendous strength and I want to do it without any medication. I take breaks when needed. I’m completely in tune with my body system and listen to it.

I see my work out sessions as a special bonding time between me and the baby. It’s like we are cheering for each other. Working out also keeps me grounded and sane. It releases happy hormones and helps me maintain my weight.

I believe that a healthy pregnancy is not just about 9 months but also about your lifestyle before your pregnancy. My pregnancy is progressing really well. I have an amazing doctor who trusts me to rely on my knowledge of fitness.

I believe that if you are clear about your intentions then you get support from unexpected places. In my case, my doctors and family are with me. I’m thrilled that I get to incorporate my workouts into my lifestyle during my pregnancy, one of the most important periods of my life.

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