Which Crime is Crime Enough to Receive Help

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Story of Kriti Aggarwal

On Friday, 27th July 2018, I was walking from Hauz Khas metro station towards SDA around 4:45 pm, I took the curved road along with Mayfair Garden. Two boys who work as Valet staff for Funky lil Munchkins were walking in front of me. When I happen to overtake them and walked in front of them, they HIT ME ON THE HEAD WITH AN OBJECT.

On turning around and scolding them they claimed that 'it was an accident and the key chain happened to hit me'. Then they started walking in front of me laughing and snickering to turn and check me out. That is when I knew for sure that they did it on purpose. I was carrying a laptop bag because of which my butt, waist, back was shielded and my head became an easy target.

On reaching their outlet and scolding them, the guy apologized while laughing and commenting. I called in 1091. My complaint was registered and an SMS was sent to me. The PCR team called me trying to figure out my location. But for more than 20 minutes they couldn't. I wonder how in this world of GPS, they couldn't.

Meanwhile, I saw DCW's white Maruti Van pass, and on that their helpline number 181 was displayed. I called on the number and the answerer instead of helping me asked me TO CALL BACK! A woman in distress is reaching out to them for help and she is asked to call back!

All this while the Valet boys were laughing and snickering at me. For more than 20 minutes I just stood there, being humiliated.

I tweeted about this, and the DCW team got my number but it was only on Saturday morning after I reminded them on Twitter did they make an effort to sort it out. They informed me that due to 'technical reasons' they couldn't see my mobile number. Well then, you ask for a mobile number and not to call back. I tried the Police, they failed, and hence I reached out to DCW for help. But they didn't help either.

I was confident that the Delhi Police will help me out, but they both proved me wrong.


I shall never forget the humiliation I had to go through because they were incompetent. This is why nobody trusts the Police. I did and paid the price.

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