Walking on a Wheelchair

Story By: Vinayana Khurana

Whenever I travel down a road with my wheelchair, I see thousands of eyes staring at me. I am a girl with cerebral palsy and I love my life. The later part is hard to digest because India is just full of suggestions. ' Go to that doctor, he would make you alright." "Go to that Baba, he would make you walk".These sorts of suggestions are everywhere when you are someone with disability.

As a girl, I deal with a even more. Every person who meets me for the first timehas a wall of stereotypes around them. The first thing that they ask me is whether I am able to understand what they are saying, and I feel like... Oh god why! The main reason for this is that they have never communicated with someone who has a disability and that’s where I need to break the wall of clichés.

I am a confident woman with disability who is surviving in this not so sensitive world. It is high time when people must understand that sitting on the wheelchair doesn't mean that one is either weak or strong. You can be a strong person even if you are on a wheelchair. People ask me while looking at my motorized wheelchair if I can walk? I then ask them if they can walk and on an affirmative reply, I question them on why do they have a car? That’s how I establish my point.

I could tell you more stereotypes of people I randomly meet. They often baby talk to me and when I say that I am doing Masters in English, they are usually taken a back. I fail to understand that what is so shocking about it? For my parents, I am a regular girl and I would get everything that they will do for their daughter.

It is a common fact, that I often get questions suspecting my abilities. How is she able to do that? This part irritates me, a lot. Why should I answer these questions? Why not have faith in me, like my parents have?When one believes in potential of the other person, they don’t ask such questions. A person, with or without a disability, is always aware of their limitations. How about communicating with them before creating any typecasts in our mind?

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