Waking-up from a Self Induced Coma

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Story By: Anonymous

A few years back I was in a deeply troubled relationship. It was my marriage of 14 years. We had seen everything together, but somewhere the relationship had eroded. My had husband asked me to take 4 years off from the marriage. I had really never anticipated that he would try to cut a deal with me. At that point, I realised that he would never love me back. And that is when I decided that I had to take a step for myself.

That night I was very nervous. I was standing alone. “I didn’t start here. I didn’t plan this? How did I reach here?” I looked around the house. I looked at the items that I had decorated lovingly. Everything felt like it was no longer mine. So after many self negotiations, crying, and feeling helpless and stuck, I decided to walk out of my relationship.

We live in a country, where divorce is thought of as an option only when there is abuse or dowry involved in their marriage. People spend their entire lives in an unhappy marriage, without ever feeling connected to their so-called better halves, but I wanted to be happy. I wanted loyalty and love that I could never get from this marriage. So, within the next 6 months, I steadily found myself a new home in a new city and shifted there.

Additionally, as if on cue, my job environment also became very difficult for me. I was being humiliated at work in the name of business transformation. I realised both my dead-end job and relationship had been dragged way past their expiry date. My life crashed down in a million pieces. I went through a grieving process for months.

I was sick and tired of being in this self induced coma. That is when I took the help of a coach to get coaching for myself. I learnt to ask different questions ‘What changes can I bring to my life to make it better?!’ This was a revelation. I was so fascinated with this science that I chose this as my path. Today, I am helping women, teenagers, entrepreneurs and students embrace transformation and shift their mindset for stronger, more self-serving beliefs.

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