Understanding the transient nature of life

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

Story by CS Sagar Tolani

We all strive to achieve something in our lives-wealth or fame, appreciation or reputation, but what we often neglect is the way we approach our goals and the actions that lead to our desired destination. What becomes quintessential to understand is how Success is not associated with or dissociated of the materialistic desires, rather bound to many

lucrative ideologies we often neglect!

Being in the teaching profession for the past nine years, dealing with Budding CA and CS students, quite many memories of my past have struck me in unexpected ways and all they leave me with are the memories created then and somedays the regret of doing something a typical way. But what it also leaves to me is my experience with life, which isn’t inherently marked or appreciated!

Having an aggregate of 63% in my SSC exams and no motivation or plans at hand, life wasn’t an interesting journey for me when I started it. But today, after owning multiple degrees, I can call myself experienced enough when it comes to dealing with life challenges and a more stable understanding of how shall one approach this mystery called Life.

While I sit with my students today, discussing their struggles or questions about how their respective lives are everlasting changing, I suggest not only rational pieces of advice that’ll motivate them but also try to resonate with the personal experiences and similar moments I’ve encountered in the past. And that's how I remind myself each time, how we as humans are supposed to stay grounded, having a more holistic approach towards the challenges at hand.

When someone asks me about this journey started by an average student, I vividly remember one instance. It was around the time I had to appear from my CS final exams. The innumerable commitments were not only hindering me from actually being productive but also were severely affecting my mental peace. The lectures I was committed to delivering along with my tuition classes were invariably adding a great toll on my health while at the same time not letting me give my best output. As a very instinctive response, I went to a salon and got all my hair shaved. Quite inquisitive and unthoughtful it seemed to many but then it gave me a certain peace and contempt so yeah!

It was posted this that I tried arranging all prior commitments while trying to focus on myself. And as is very rightly said, when your intentions are genuine, the external elements end up falling in place! I was soon able to align myself back into the game, and this gave me immense peace and joy.

The lockdown period instilled in me a very grounded approach to my attitude and vision towards how I would now seek life. It is with great difficulty that I’ve adopted some measures that have made me not only a good teacher but also a better human. But what lately makes me talk about all this is how unexpected all this was. I never intended to change lives. Coming from a financially weakened background, l never really expected to see myself where I am today making budding professionals financially independent. From a mediocre student who struggled to study, to teaching thousands today, life has undoubtedly taken a 180-degree turn for me. From having no goals to being associated with India’s leading coaching institutions, there are a lot of values I have inherited while traversing this journey, but what a mind-boggling reality I’ve understood is how transient life is and how it’ll keep changing. What we are supposed to do it walk along with whatever comes our way and take every experience as a learning process as life is undoubtedly the best teacher.

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