Unapologetic Hooliganism during college fest

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Story By: Shantanu Anand

During a recent fest at our college, all the girls were asked to leave at 8:30, so while coming back, we - a group of 8 girls and 2 boys along with tens of other girls left. Near the Tan building we felt that we were being followed by boys who are constantly passing comments like "move move your times up". This really got on our nerves, but what followed next was more horrible. All these boys had gathered in front of Tan entrance whistling and screaming, to scare away girls, creating an atmosphere of hooliganism.

We crossed the road and saw four guards standing there and doing nothing which made us more angry. We went to the guards to ask for help. They just smiled while saying that their duty was not on that side of the road. This got us really angry. When we were done talking to the guards,we started walking towards our hostel when one of the boys came running from across the road, began beating his chest and saying "Talk to us and not the guard", but one of his friends pulled him back. As the girls entered out hostels, they followed the male friends, surrounded them and began questioning them asking them what their problem was, and that they should talk to them and not the guards. They justified their acts by saying that “we do this because girls like it”. The next day, seeing the same group in and around our hostel or cos area waiting for us to come and then move accordingly definitely didn't feel normal. While all this was happening one of us recorded it in her phone, for which she was harassed for the next 2 days. She was eyed in the public while the boys kept staring and talking "yes this is the video one". We reported it to the higher authorities, and we were promised that a strict action will be taken. Although we aren't updated about the steps taken due to the immediate Diwali vacations. But then a lot of people including their friends called us and justified by saying that they were just standing there whistling and they did nothing more.

It wasn’t the first time that something like this was happening. That night it was that group and before them there were other groups. Some of the boys have been doing this ever since - breaking Chairs in the Auditorium and creating nuisance in the fest nights. I have seen these boys getting placements in reputed companies and not even being touched in the university. This is what passes the wrong message and empowers people like them to commit such nuisance.

It also makes us realise that the system and the society is such that it supports them. The guards who are supposed to protect us did nothing to stop them. Most of the people including their friends thought they did nothing wrong, and even though there were tens, may be hundreds of girls over there, experiencing this, yet no one spoke up. Subconsciously we have internalized these crimes, but we shouldn't.

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