The story of a woman cricketer

Story By: Anonymous

I am from a small village in Punjab, and I am very fond of playing sports, especially cricket. With limited resources and facilities, it is already difficult to play sports in a country like ours, but it becomes all the more difficult when you are a girl, because playing sports like cricket and volleyball also require people to play with who are equally passionate and energetic.

We might have women sports team in our states and country, but we surely don’t have it on our college and our neighborhood. The kind of environment we have in our surroundings, it is often considered unsafe for girls to stay out of their houses all by themselves. So automatically walking out and playing in parks and nearby areas is most of the times not allowed. I was just 4-5 years old when I was asked to not play outside my house. Growing up, I used to play cricket with my brothers inside the house.

In the school I studied, neither was there any encouragement for its girl students to involve in sports, nor were there enough resources and opportunities. But after coming to college, I witnessed that inspite of these two factors ceasing to exist, girls still did not play outdoors. My primary aim after getting into college was to make a college girls’ cricket team.

It took me a year to find 15 girls, who would be willing to play, just play. Even today practicing is such a challenge, for all the girls hardly ever show up. It's not possible to play a sport with so few people. and boys are generally reluctant to include us in their game. Living in Patiala, the only women’s cricket team that I have heard of, would require me to travel for an hour at least, and with my college going on, it is impossible to travel that much.

I sometimes feel that I might have had a much higher chance of playing atleast in the state team, had I got a chance or opportunity in my younger age. Now, the only chance to play cricket is, by getting an internship in a city like Delhi where I can access a women cricket team.

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