The Sordid Trip/ The Unaccepted refusal

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Story By: Anonymous

*Victim 1*

That night when I was trying to sleep lying next to him, he tried to force himself on me. For a few moments I didn’t realise what was happening. I somehow managed to push him away and closed myself in the washroom. I spent my entire night inside the washroom from the fear of what waited outside. I was too shocked to think what had happened to me. I quickly left the room in the morning.

The guy I am talking about here is one who started one of the most famous newspapers of our college, which was read by literally everyone in the college. His team members revere him, but I doubt that they know this side of him.

*Victim 2*

The Unaccepted Refusal

Story by anonymous

I whispered a silent no. Timid, exhausted and in desperate need to get out, I said no. I even pushed him away. But he did not stop coming close to me and then like in a microsecond he aggressively put his mouth on mine like it was something he proudly owned, sorry, seized hold of. He wasn't stopping and there is no way I had enough strength to fight him back and in that moment I realised this could end up in my worst nightmare. Thankfully before he successfully could make any more of his disgusting moves in me, someone entered the room and the distraction bought enough time for me to get away from him and runaway into the nearest washroom. I locked myself up there and found myself puking my guts out. I cried. Enough to make me realise how badly I could have been caught up in the mess and there was no getting out then.

But I had to get out before it could any more suffocating, so I opened the door only a little to see if someone else was outside.

I found one of my seniors (Female) standing outside waiting for me so that she could help me out. Never have I been more grateful for a person giving out a simple favour like a clean up which was right now everything and more to me.

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