The Nothing Story

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

You know how some people are different from others in a way that they feel, see and hear more than others; how some people would just keep thinking for several hours about something they would hear, which the speaker might himself not remember after a few moments of speaking. I think, I am one of them.

I belong to Jammu. I was just 7 or 8 years old, when my parents got transferred to Kashmir and we used to stay inside SKIMS (a medical institute in Kashmir) and I used to study with the kids there in a local, state board school; and trust me, when I say that but the kids over there were absolute geniuses.

I was the only Hindu child in my entire school and though in our secular nation this shouldn’t really matter but studying in the school became a nightmare for me. I could see how deep rooted the hatred was even in the minds of ten year olds, I could see how they hated me for no mistake of mine. I was bullied, and harassed by my classmates. I was tormented for being a hindu.

As a ten year old, I was unable to understand this and I just grew up being used to of this behaviour. As a result, I began keeping myself locked in my room, I spoke little and rarely went out to play or meet anyone and this became my way of life. My mother (a doctor) faced the same kind of discrimination at her work place by her seniors.

I stayed in Kashmir for about three years and all those years have left a long lasting impression on me as a person, but over the years I have thought enough about it and I still don’t blame those people for. I understand and that there are good and bad people everywhere and in my case, they were probably not as good, but I still don’t hate them, because for me humanity is above everything. I wish that someday, we could stop all this, and just be humans, humans in a safer place, humans of a safer place.

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