The Nautanki Wala

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Story By: Shorya Mittal

This happened to me when I was naïve and fairly new to college. I was an active member of a few societies and I enthusiastically communicated with my seniors.

One night I randomly began chatting with a college senior, who had posted a story on snapchat wherein he was smoking up. I told him how I had not been properly high before and I told him that I wanted to try it, so he offered me to smoke up with him.

So the next day, we decided to go on a night out because we couldn’t have smoked up inside the college premises, and we also decided to take more people along with us. I asked my friends to accompany me but they didn’t want to and apparently even his friends had refused to accompany him. So he told me that he also had friends in Chandigarh who would be joining.

As we took the room, we placed ourselves in the room and began smoking up. I thought that his friends would join us later on and I continued to smoke up. It was really late in the night and by this time I was too high and sleepy. We were lying next to each other and then he suddenly began kissing me. He came onto me and began trying to make out with me. I was too high to process everything that was happening and it felt like I was a mere audience in the entire act, for I had no role in it. We didn’t go beyond making out for I didn’t reciprocate the same way. All I remember after is that I kept a distance from him and moved to the chair instead of the bed.

He did text me later on after the night out as well wherein he invited me to smoke up with him again. I obviously didn’t go.

The guy I am talking about here is one of the big shots in our college. He is the founder of the food festival of our college. And he is literally the most revered person in our college's nautanki team. The kind of influence he has on juniors makes me realize how he is merely using these societies to prey upon young naïve women, and how these influenced juniors need to see the reality.

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