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Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Story of Finoshka Rodrigues

Being Bullied is probably not as funny as my friends thought it was. According to them, that’s how you become friends; also that’s how it is shown in movies. The very first incident that I can remember is when I was in class 2 and my bullies were in 4th class. They probably found pouring juice bottle all over my head, throwing me down and then stamping all over me, really funny. They continued to do it as the little I cried and begged them to not to spoil my new, pink bag.

The second incident happened when I refused to offer chocolates to those guys, on my birthday and they broke my nose in return.

In 6th standard, I was a huge kid and those senior boys would often call me names like buffalo and would tell me how I occupied two seats as I sat and what not. As a result, I began starving myself and wouldn’t eat until I would actually faint at times.

Everything that was happening around me, made me very suicidal and insecure about myself. There was a time when I used to have nightmares about everything wrong that was happening in my life – the bullying, the sexual assault, and everything else.

I would have most probably ended my life until one day when I came across the story of Cassidy Trevan. She was a perfect girl – beautiful and adorable and yet she was bullied and she ultimately committed suicide. She let her bullies have the best of herself. Her mother is still fighting for her because she was dead to do that on her own, whereas I was still alive. I could have fought for myself. I suddenly felt lucky.

I have come a long way from not wanting to go to school, faking sickness and being immensely under confident about my own self to learning to fight today. I am still scared of my bullies and trusting people is still a challenge, but I am learning and building myself. It’s weird but the same guy who used to make fun of me, ended up asking me out, once.

Life has its own ways and is often more eccentric than we can ever think of it. Despite everything that still makes me melancholic; I believe that I will have a happy ending, because that’s how life is.

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