The Last Smash

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Story of Harshal Choudhary

The recent news that a mother killed her 6 yr old son, after stabbing him twenty-four times in the bathroom, for he was reluctant to go to school shook me to the core. Although this was one extreme condition, the cases of child abuse and corporal punishments aren't new in our country. We have laws to prevent it in schools, but what about our homes.

There are two incidents from my childhood that I want to share because they were the most terrorizing. As a 9-year-old, I was really happy that day because it was the last day of my primary school and we were getting our report cards. The teacher was announcing the results. On my turn, she asked the whole class to applaud me, since I had scored 98.5% and stood second in the whole school. A big smile blossomed on my face and I turned to my mother to see her reaction. Slap! Slap! I got the reward I deserved for not being the topper of the school (who apparently was some relative's daughter). The second time, I was in the 10th standard. I had been playing badminton for the last two years. Being regular at the game had polished my skills. I could easily defeat any player of my colony and school, no matter how old and strong he was. So one day, when I came back home after playing - an argument started between my mother and me (most probably because I was 15 min late). I don't know, what got on her mind, but she picked up my badminton racket, swung it, and hit my arm. Two things broke - first, my last racket and second, was my dream of being a badminton player which was ironically broken by the last smash of my last racket. (I was thankful for my muscles that they saved my bones). I haven't yet played badminton since then.

She doesn't hit me for my mistakes now, probably because I have grown too strong physically and mentally to be hurt by her. Aren’t parents supposed to be the safety net, every kid can rely on when they are trying to climb up a wall? Or is it a Spider net, where the prey is in absolute control of the hunter? Won't you think that it'd be better to not have such a net at all?

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