The Ironical India

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Story By: Aadil Belim

It was a day, I woke up before my alarm. I was excited for school that which was very rare. And I was not surprised on witnessing excitement level of my whole class. There was murmuring between all benches, because we all knew that we are going to be taught about sex that day.

There were different assumptions in the head of all students. I was expecting that our science teacher will teach topic only to boys as I had heard about other schools. Some of my friends were busy imagining our teacher using all slangs and vulgar words. And girls were expecting that teacher might skip the topic.

And then the science teacher entered the the class. He began teaching about plant’s reproduction. Obviously, we all were disappointed! And for the first time we requested him to take our activity lecture and complete the chapter. I think he knew of our curiosity to learn sex education. He agreed.

Unfortunately, whole class’ expectations went wrong. We just read and translated the text as answers to all questions. Some boys tried to question about the same but they were ignored. At the end, boys were told to not go to prostitute for sex on growing up. At that time, it was a mere joke for us.

As I look deeper now, it worries me. My problems with sex education is

1. The content of sex education in textbook is just scrap.

2. Students connect sex education with vulgarity.

“So-called 'sex education' to be banned. Yoga to be made compulsory.” This statement from a union minister of India reflects the seriousness of Indian leaders for sex education. Many a times, we talk about ‘Indian Values’. Majority of them have no idea about it.

Our sex education pedagogy needs to include relationship understanding, masturbation facts and also basic sex guide. And the teachers need to be trained for teaching such sensitive topics to students comfortably, without hesitation, for we need to give and be given freedom to the idea of sex and sexuality.

It’s also important for us to understand and conversate about sex because we just can’t become the second most populated country of the world, by not having it.

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