The Inefficient Enforcers of Law

'Sexual harassment including inappropriate touches against will can lead to imprisonment extending up to 2 years.' Being a girl in India, it's no more considered as a crime, it's a part of our daily routine. And I made a failed attempt to go against the usual.

It was a late evening of June 2017 when I stepped outside my friend's house, on the edge of a busy road. Three guys passed on a bike giving the much common creepy stare. I ignored them and left for my house on my scooter when they turned back and started following me. I tried slowing down so they could get ahead of me but they kept matching up with my pace. It was the busiest route I could follow and they still managed to block my pace and started clicking pictures of me.

I finally sped up and reached my house while they kept chasing me. They slowed down outside my house and one of them touched my back moving his hand all the way down to my hips. I couldn't react at the moment but I had memorized the number of their bike as they left the street.

I immediately rushed inside and dialed the women's helpline number. The phone was engaged for a good 5-10 minutes. I tried once more and they kept asking me to refer another number. After about 20 minutes I was finally connected to an officer and I was able to file an FIR against those men.

Had it been an emergency, there was no provision available to reach out. My father suggested that we might contact the SSP who was his friend, but I wanted to follow the regular procedure, the one that was never really followed. In spite of giving all the necessary details including the vehicle's registration number and outlook of the guys, no action was taken. I filed this report in June of 2017 and got an inquiry call after 6 months; stating that they have finally acknowledged my report and I'll be contacted further.

Till this date, there's no update on the case and maybe that's the reason why considering harassment and molestation as a part of the routine is a less bothersome way out in our society.

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