The ideal IITs

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

My father is an IIT professor and hence I have spent most of my childhood playing around in the plush campus of IIT Roorkee. We live in a country where people idolise IIts and the people who live there. But then everything that shimmers is perhaps not gold. It is not my story and I was just a witness but it doesn’t change the fact that I will always talk about this incidence of my childhood with a lot of hesitance and reluctance, if I would at all.

We were little kids back then and we used to play outside our homes each evening. One day, this guy in his mid 20s tried befriending us, by helping one of my friends when she fell of a cycle. Afterwards, he began following us everywhere we would go, and we found him so weird, even as kids we could sense that there was something fishy about him. And after that some of us went home and some stayed back, it is then, when he called one of my friend behind a car, where he was peeing and he showed his penis to her.

And this all happened inside an IIT campus, right in front of a residential building. How do people dare to do such things, I often wonder. How come do they get the courage to be so heinous and unafraid? Aren’t they afraid of anyone or the society? Or does the society discreetly support them, or even worse encourage them?

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