The Guy Who Got Harassed

Social media along with itself has brought a wave of awareness and a lot of women talking about feminism and coming out about the adversities they have faced by the hands of the society and men alike. So, we have come a long way in terms of the status of women and granting them freedom and equality but I believe when we talk about the same things for men, we are still stuck at the same juncture as we were, decades ago. We still don’t talk about the abuse and harassment that men face in their lives, we still don’t talk about men getting eveteased or raped, we still don’t discuss men being suicidal and depressed.

So I think I will initiate and narrate a personal incident – things that I think occur very commonly but then no one talks about them for reasons beyond my understanding. I was once travelling alone in an auto and a few guys sat next to me. One of the guy touched my dick and made a very lewd remark, he said “Iska toh achha hai” and then he and his friends, along with the autowala guy began laughing cheaply. I felt very angry and embarrassed at the same time. I wanted to retaliate but then I was too embarrassed to do that, besides it was 2-3 of them and they could have easily overpowered me had I retaliated.

I quickly got down from the auto and went to the police station, to ask for help from the police and when I narrated this incident to the police, even the police began laughing about it. Forget about filing a complaint against them, they didn’t even think of it as a crime. I don’t think if I have ever felt as helpless as I did then. I never talked anymore about this incident to anyone and even when I talk about it today, I wouldn’t dare to come out or reveal my identity, for I am afraid of being judged and ridiculed and laughed upon. I want to speak and tell people about how being a man is sometimes a punishment; how man have a lot less real freedom than it actually looks like and how men are as much a prey of patriarchy as much as women.

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