The funny game that changed my life

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Story By: Anonymous

You only did this for fun. You only did this to get a laugh out of it. To show that you are superior to me. To show all the girls and guys as to how funny you are. I guess you have no idea as to what it did to me. It made me afraid of you. It made me getting out of my bed to confront people everyday, a task I would dread. It made me silent . Silent enough to never make a mark in front of people. Silent enough to have no friends growing up. By you I mean everyone who reads this. Body shaming is not cool. “ Mote khaana kam kar” is something you have all said at least once during your lifetime. Having no idea as to what it does to a person. Here’s my story. Ever since I was a kid I’ve been fat and going into my teenage years I was huge, short and fat. I guess you get the point by now. For my entire school life, I have been body shamed. Many people used to call me Pig, Fatso, Buffalo etc. You might be thinking why is that a big issue. Well, you never really understood it from my perspective. I still remember being made fun of, so much to the extent that I shaped my identity to nothing but the fact that I'm fat and I will stay fat. I eventually lost my confidence to the point that I broke down and stopped talking to people altogether. I was scared that if I talked, I'll be a laughing stock again. But me not talking, being so out of confidence just made things worse. I remember crying a lot a lot man. Because I just wasn’t good enough. As third year student in college I'm doing a lot better than before. I slowly realized that I'm a lot more than what people think of me. You just need to be satisfied with yourself and everything will align itself. Just know that you are a lot more than what people think of you. You’ll eventually make friends who stay by your side. I have my friends. Thanks a lot Apoorv and Kshama, for being the most supportive people throughout. Thank you.

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