The First Kiss

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Endless romantic poems, ballads and movies have been made trying to capture the magic that first kisses are said to infuse in the lives of the kissers at least for those particular moments. And this might be true in all cases except when the kiss is being forced on an eight year old, who is unaware of what might be happening with her.

He was my father's cousin, nearly twice my age. We were watching television in my room while our parents were having tea downstairs. After seeing them busy, he took advantage of the opportunity and locked the door from inside and then asked me to close my eyes and sit silently. I did as he told me to. As I was sitting quietly, I felt his lips on mine and I pulled back myself immediately and asked him what he was doing. He scolded me a little and asked me to sit quietly, and to follow his instructions without asking him any questions. He held my hands tighter, and when I resisted he further began forcing himself on me.

I pushed him back and shouted at the top of my voice, and since my parents were downstairs, he got scared. He let me go after that and I quickly ran downstairs, back to my parents. For days, I couldn’t utter a word from my mouth and I have hardly ever spoken about this to anyone, because he was and still is a regular visitor.

Honestly, I have moved on and this incident doesn’t bother me as much now. He still is a regular visitor, and I try to ignore him as much as I can. I mostly think of him as another adult, who was lusty and uninformed as a teenager. The only thing that disturbs me is how absolutely unaware I was as a child to face him or to even understand any of this. I often wish to confront him but I think it’s too late. He now has a two year old daughter and I hope that she never goes through anything like that ever.

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