The Faultless Guy

So, there was this guy I began talking to. We talked for a few days and he was clearly interested in dating me and I was clearly not. There was nothing wrong with him; he was a well behaved, decent and an educated guy, capable of having nice conversations. We conversed about a lot of things of mutual interest. I didn’t mind talking to him, but I didn’t want to date him and neither did I have any sort of romantic inclination towards him, and I made it perfectly clear to him, each time he asked me out and showed interest in me.

Questions turned into persuasions, and persuasions became unbearable after some time. I tried explaining him my situation and the fact that even though there was nothing ‘wrong’ with him, I still didn’t like him like that. But, he could never understand that despite him being a ‘good guy’, why was he still being rejected. He could not understand his ‘fault’. His endless persuasions became unbearable after some time, because of which I was forced to block him of all the social networking apps like facebook and whatsapp. He still messaged me n other places. He once texted my facebook friend to ask me to text him back. He recklessly called me for days. His calls only stopped with time as he probably grew out of options to contact me.

Now, my point here is that why is a ‘no’ so hard to accept for guys. Is being a good, well mannered guy enough? He asked me that he wasn't misbehaving with me, even then why was i rejecting his proposal. My question is - is that enough? Isn’t it how people are supposed to be, irrespective? Why is it so difficult for guys to accept a rejection?

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