The Disgraceful Grandfather

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Story By: Anonymous

All my life, I have lived in a big, joint family. When I was a little child around 6 or 7 year old, I used to live with my paternal grandparents and I was very close to my grandpa. We used to play a lot of games together. He would also read me stories and bring me gifts.

One day something happened which changed our relationship altogether. I was sitting there with him watching movies and he tried to glide his hands under my top and said that he wanted to kiss my breast. I was 6 and I didn’t understand any of it and I took it all in a good way and let him do that. He grabbed my breast and sat there for like 10-15 mins and asked me to not tell anyone about this. Then my father came to the room and he suddenly removed his hands.

But the next day, my parents went to market and I was alone at home, so he asked me to play a game - I agreed. He asked me to undress, and I did whatever he said, although I was uncomfortable but then he raped me twice and this went on for weeks.

As a result, I got sick and got admitted to the hospital. When the doctors told my parents the real reason behind my weakness, they had a talk with me and I told them everything. My dad replied “YOU PROVOKED HIM”. My mom kept quiet for the fear of my dad. I was 6 back then. I am 16 now but this still haunts me and he’s still alive.

My mom has asked me to stay away from him, although we do visit him once or twice in a month, but my papa still worships him. Will you agree if I tell you that my grandfather is a retired Indian Army officer. Well, we can never judge people on the basis of their outer appearance and basically, no one can ever be trusted.

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