The discriminatory laws of my college

Story By: Anonymous

I study in a medical college in South India. They believe that since we are the future doctors of the country, we need to be regulated by strict laws for us to be disciplined in the future too. There are a lot of rules which are very discriminatory and are comfortably practiced in the college premises.

The first, most discriminatory rule is the hostel in timing. This is practiced in almost all the colleges of India - girls often have a hostel timing, whereas boys are allowed to roam outside their hostels and college campuses at any time of the night.

There are many other sexist and discriminatory rules, for example despite paying the same fees, we are given much lesser facilities. The most indignating rule is perhaps that all the girls are expected to clean their own utensils after eating because in the words of one of our HODs, washing utensils is what girls do, whereas no such things are expected from girls.

The rooms of the guys are double the size of our rooms. Boys have many other facilities like a shoe rack, a stand to dry clothes on, a dressing table and three look-in mirrors in the room, and much more space between their beds. We, on the other hand, have none of these. Girls are only allowed to wear a suit to class.

Even if they are preparing us for the future, can’t doctors wear jeans and tops? The only valid explanation that they have is that we are the future doctors of the country and we need to be disciplined. I feel scared that this is what they are teaching to the future doctors of the country. I would want to ask the authorities as to how do they plan to prepare us for our future when we would have to do night shifts as doctors, because even after completing my college, i still wouldn’t be prepared to face the real world.

I don’t think if I can afford to take the name of my college or take my own name for that matter, for it can be risky. They can fail me if they want. But, I also feel that such practices are prevalent in almost all the the colleges of our country, not just mine.

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