The Corporate Jungle

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Story By: Neelanjan Chakraborty

“I work best under pressure,” says no one. I’m a motorcyclist. Hence, working with the world's biggest two-wheeler maker was like a dream come true. However, my idea of a work-life changed with time.

It was all fun and exciting in the beginning, but soon I realized that I’m slowly getting sucked down to the bottom of the quicksand of the corporate world.

I still remember when I met with an accident on the roads of Delhi, I had to rush to the hospital with the pain of dislocated knee bone. It took me several days to recover. It’s been a year since that accident and I’m still recovering. However, after the accident, I couldn’t make it to the office since I was writhing in pain however informed the department head. So very conveniently they accused me of being “absconding” from work.

The situation is so worse in these larger than life big glass offices that utilizing fifteen minutes break for food is not acceptable. I was verbally refused to go and have breakfast with the statement that there is no time to eat.

On a racing track, when I hugged my favorite racer after a difficult race, I was humiliated because they think it’s not the right thing to do and does not go with the “image of the team” and is beneath you. And all these incidents bogged me to a level that the zeal and enthusiasm for work got replaced by trepidation and anxiety.

Yes, the same people have managed to rise on the echelons of a corporate set up and gone through the same to reach where they’re. But how much of it is justifiable to put the same amount of pressure who's working under is still a question.

2’o clock in the night, standing on the top of the building with a smoke in my hand, I looked down. It was just a matter of a few seconds. I soon realized that no amount of pressure is worth my mental health or my life.

Today when I no longer associate with them, I feel liberated, I feel I can walk straight again. However, nothing goes waste. What I’ve learned from my experience is how to be a better senior. How to be an empath and considerate.

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