The Bullied Child

Written by Devyani Kaulas.

With time as I have grown up, I have realised how vulnerable and innocent we are as kids and how easy it is for anyone to harm us, and how every incident is so effective in shaping us as the individuals we become. I am a victim of childhood bullying and the scars of my childhood are still more prominent than any of the recent ones, yet I don’t talk about it is because I feel that it would never be taken seriously, and till now I only blame my class teacher for it.

So, when I was in class 3, there was a group of four girls, who used to bully everyone. They were the class toppers and therefore they were always in the good books of all the teachers. I remember how once they broke my wrist watch and then complained against me that I had abused them. The teacher in turn complained to my father who refused to believe her as such words were never used in my house or around me. This really infuriated the teacher and she began undermining me after that.

My teacher would comment about me, like how untidy and bad my handwriting was. She once made me ate chillies in class and as a result of this constant trauma, the eight year old me had just stopped speaking or writing anything. I would only spend my days watching T.V and would eagerly find excuses to miss going to school.

I was lucky that my parents noticed this change in me and pushed me to share it with them. As a result, my father talked to the principal who was a family friend and in turn fired the teacher from the school, and this worsened my life at school as now more and more children began sidelining me as they blamed me for the teacher getting fired. I ultimately quit that school and got admitted in another one. It sometimes still bothers me as to how I could never speak up for myself and how this incident has almost scarred my childhood.

On the positive side, I still received help; I had option to change my school; my parents were supportive and understanding. What about those thousands of children who continue to get bullied without every receiving help or talking about it to someone?

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