Written by Antra Dasgupta

It was a little late than usual evenings of me coming back from my job. Frustrated from the work load, I was walking down the streets to find a rickshaw to home. Anyhow, I found one sharing e-rickshaw and hopped on it. However, bhaiya made me wait a little to find other three passengers to fill the seats and earn the decided money from that trip. As I was waiting, I saw an old lady with a little girl walking towards our rickshaw. The lady was in a shabby, ripped white saree and the little girl wore a frayed red frock. The poor lady very affrightedly asked the bhaiya to drop them to a place. It turned out we were supposed to go the same way. Very reluctant of the polite request, bhaiya responded he will if he can’t find any other passengers. After a long wait of nearly twenty minutes, my patience died and in a stern voice I asked him to start moving. There weren’t any other passengers, so he agreed to drop the two. And as we finally started moving towards our destination, my eyes stopped at the little girl and everything came to a standstill. Her ragged frock from somebody’s discarded wardrobe. Her unmoisturized brown hair was tucked back in a ponytail. And her sun-baked skin was the evidence of her malnourished state of being due to destitution. But what captivated me were her twinkling little eyes which were speaking so much to me when they demurely met mine. Her eyes were full of hope at the same time there was void. I could sense her uncertain future, bereft of basic necessities of a child should have. However, in contrast to her situation of mine, I could somehow see myself in those eyes. Those winning, full of hope at the same time the hollowness was similar to mine. Those eyes were the reflection of mine. There was an immediate connection between us as we both were torn; she on the clothes and me on the inside. When we reached our destination. That day I realized that people who pass by us like that child we saw holding roses in her hands at the signal, also has aspirations, and dreams just like you and me. Look into their eyes, you may also discover your “that little girl” just like me. Edited by - @surbhisindh111w

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unsanscarred This is a really, really honest peice of mind. We all come across these thoughts in our head but how many of us actually think about it and give it time. I am glad @dasguptaantr

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