Public Masturbation in College

Updated: May 27, 2021

Story by: Suman Gupta

Belong to the city of Jalandhar and I have grown up with a fair amount of liberty being given to me by my parents. I went to a co-ed school and sometimes roamed around on the streets, but luckily or unluckily I never faced situations I have in the past three years of my life in the supposedly safe walls of my college.

The last time I saw a man masturbating publicly didn’t affect me quite as much, because it was the third time I had seen someone doing that. So, the first time it happened was my second year and I had gone to water my plants in the balcony on my floor. The balcony faced the new hostel that was getting constructed and we would often find construction workers looking at us from there.

So this day, like all days I went to the balcony and found a worker masturbating right in front of my eyes, while looking at me. I did report it to the management and they made a guard sit there but a guard can’t be present at all times and places, and that is a human limitation and hence it was of no use. A similar situation happened again in the academic area of E block.

The third time when it happened, I was all the more shocked as this time it wasn’t a construction worker but a middle aged man from a well to do family, who in spite of being just a few steps away from me had the audacity to do it, right in from of my eyes and to keep on doing it. I was left absolutely astounded.

It is very easy for a lot of people to point out, that why I wasn’t able to click a picture of that person or why didn’t I supposedly retaliate in any way, but the truth is that no one is prepared to face such situations. The first morsel of emotion that probably hit me and other women resembles a combination of shock and disgust, and you just don’t want to be in that particular situation even for a few more seconds; clicking a picture on the phone to show it as a proof to someone else later on probably didn’t even cross my mind.

I do not owe this explanation or even this story to anyone, the only purpose is it to tell everyone about it and to make people who find this unbelievable know the truth.

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