Patriarchy and the workplace

Story by Anonymous

There was a time when I was eager to go to work. I used to look forward to each day. It wasn’t that work didn’t have its own challenges. It did and as a working women, I took up each challenge with nervousness and excitement.

Opportunities like travelling for work presented themselves and I made the best of them. People at work recognized and appreciated my efforts. I went home with my heart full of pride for everything I accomplished and motivated for what was to come the next day.

But things changed when I joined another company. Very soon I realized that in this work place, women weren’t given credit no matter how hard they worked.

But when the time came to decide who worked overtime, somehow my female colleagues & I ended up doing most of the work. We were hunched over our desks until 9:30 p.m., trying to get work done while our male colleagues were off playing cricket.

This wasn’t the only time we worked harder. Any attempts to stay home on weekends was shut down by our manager. While our male colleagues could take leave because they were excused for having personal responsibility.

I remember this one time when there was an opening at work. One of my male colleagues wanted to refer someone for the position. My manager confessed that he doesn’t want to hire a female employee because according to him, that led to too much drama.

I’ve watched my female colleagues work day and night in hopes of a promotion with no fruit. My four years’ worth of experience in the field was brushed under the rug in favour of a male colleague with zero experience. His friendship with the manager took precedence over my experience.

My eagerness towards work has come down and I’ve even doubted my own abilities. Right now, it’s hard to find the motivation to go to work. In this state of doubt, I turned to my female colleagues who confessed that they feel the same. Some of them have left work, while others are looking for new jobs and so am I.

All around me, women are looking for better opportunities in hopes that they will be given the credit they deserve. I’ve come to realize that the gender discrimination I’m witnessing today is rooted in the patriarchal values of our own society.

It exists everywhere, in every stage of life in some way or the other. When women protest or speak up about the injustices they are going through, they are often silenced.

But things are changing. More and more women are speaking up every day. Now more than ever, our voices must be heard. Our experiences, our efforts, our struggles are worth being heard.

With every voice of outrage at the injustice, we go a step closer to creating a world where people are treated fairly regardless of their gender. So, speak up and fight back to claim what’s rightfully yours.

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