No Waxing- Body Hair

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Story of Vandana Khatri,

I haven't waxed in four months now but it really wasn't that difficult as I don't wear short dresses or shorts or capri that often. But, it was my birthday a few days ago and I planned on wearing a knee-length dress. I had bought the dress a couple of months ago and since then I had been contemplating it in my head, "the dress is knee-length, my legs will be visible", "My hairy legs, the legs that have hair on them like wild forest, would be visible to public", "Waxing hurts", "But the hair that grow after shaving also hurt", "What do I do? Abandon the dress and never wear clothes that expose my legs ever again?", "Give up and wax? But the pain!", "Should I shave? But the pain!". I had a lot of thoughts in my head and I couldn't decide what to do. But finally, I did wear the dress and no, I did not wax or shave.

Guess what someone messaged me after seeing this picture, "Did you not wax?"

Yes, that's exactly what the text message read.

Why? Men wear shorts all the time and they are never asked this question. Why is it so mandatory for women to hide the hair THEY WERE BORN WITH?! I did not grow the hair on my body one day because I felt like it, I never wished for my leg hair to be thick and wild. I do not control it. Then why do I HAVE to bear the pain I do not want and remove the hair? Why do the beauty standards say, "It'll look better if you remove the hair."

I'm sorry, but who decides that? I don't want the pain, I'll have bushy eyebrows and a hairy body because I was BORN WITH IT.

I will wear the kind of clothes I want to wear because it is my body and no one can tell me that I can't wear shorts because my legs look hairy.

Seriously girls, if you have wild thick hair, if you have any scars, if you have any fear that stops you from wearing the kind of clothes you want to wear, just stop it. Stop thinking about what will people think because IT DOESN'T MATTER! You wear what you wanna wear. You flaunt those hair, those scars. It's your body, be proud of it as it is. Don't hide or change yourself just because you're afraid of what someone else might think or say.

Love every part of yourself.

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