My mother Taught Me Courage

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

Story by Sravya Sru Yadavalli

My parents married for love which lead to the estrangement of their families. My parents, elder brother and I created our own small but happy world, which was suddenly shook by the cancer that contracted my father. My mother immediately stepped up to take the mantle, took care of my father and his treatment while my brother tried to get a job to support us.

On many of those days I was left alone at home but there was a quiet strength and faith from her that enveloped me and gave me courage to face my days. I was in 10th grade and my brother had only joined his engineering degree, when our father left us. As we had spent all our savings for the treatment, we were left with my mother’s temporary job with an income of Rs.3,500 per month to support us.

I saw my mother become a strong woman with much grit and perseverance. She did not lose her hope when she held my father in his battle with cancer and she did not waver before his death of the seeming insurmountable responsibilities, even when she had little to no support from others. She never relied on anyone and took up multiple jobs like making candles and selling them at churches and tailoring for neighbours.

The situation was soon pronounced by some of our relatives as my mother’s punishment for choosing love. Many suggested that I should be married off. Such accusations and suggestions held no impact on her as she was resolute to give my brother and me a good education so we could dictate our own paths.

It’s been 14 years since our father’s death, my brother and I are both now in good positions and are able to support our mother. She still remains our emotional stronghold. Whenever I go through something, I think about my mother’s courage and strength and it gets me through anything.

I no longer believe that a family needs the protection and support of a man. Be it father or mother, when one is ready to take the responsibilities and work hard, things will turn out okay. My mother is a beacon of hope for my friends and I. She reminds all of us about the potential we hold when we are not ready to give up.

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