My fault or theirs?

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

I have grown up being body shamed and people giving away tips to follow(of which drinking hot water with honey tops the list). I am used to of people bullying me with their eyes, and with their wicked smiles. A part of me is always conscious, searching around for people who might be looking at me loathing and talking about the extra pounds I carry, as if it's a sin.

Recently, I was travelling and I had to take a shared auto to travel. As soon as I sat inside, there came a voice "pay double the amount if you cannot make space" I looked around to realise it was a 50 something robust built lady telling me to pay double the rent while I contracted in the corner. There then came a man, 4th person on the seat of 3. As the auto started moving and I overheard the conversation between that lady and the man, they were talking how young generation ate buckloads of junk food and became like me. They kept talking on and on with the motive to completely rupture my ability to breath. My heart was sinking and I didn't want to argue with them. I listened as the third person and cried when I got back home. This is just one of the many incidents that happen on a daily basis, making me more conscious than ever about doing basic things like boarding an auto.

Every person has a body type. There are people who would never gain any weight in spite of any amount of butter they would gulp down their bodies; and there also are people like me, who would never lose weight even if they ate nothing for the entire day. The majority of the population sticks to their inherent body types for their entire life. It is not like I have grown up to be fat in a year or two, I have always been a fat and hyperactive person. Not that I can’t rock the dance floor or exercise but this is how I am and I have accepted this and am well aware of the consequences. I didn’t choose my genes. I didn’t choose my weight, what’s my fault? What have I done to deserve this kind of treatment from any person? Why do you have a problem with my weight when I don’t?

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