My father's journey of accepting his mental health

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Story By: Anonymous

Until a few years back mental health was a big taboo at home. My dad could never talk about it. When I used to convey anything regarding my deteriorating mental health through my mother, he would send a message through her - it is a phase, keep yourself busy, you will be ok. He was scared what the world would say if his unmarried kid went to a shrink.

My grandma was abnormally aggressive in her youth. When my dad was 5 years old, she once locked him in a metal trunk and kicked it around because she was angry that he asked for a toy. This is just one incident. My dad got mentally scarred and started stammering since then. These things affected the whole family - my grandpa let alcohol consume him. My aunt has certain mental/social issues too.

A few years back my grandma's mental health deteriorated drastically. She had always had issues like extreme paranoia, etc. She was in her worse state for 3 years after that, because of which my family suffered a lot. At that point, things started making a little sense to him.

As a grown-up man and a dad, my father acquired some of his mother’s aggression and paranoia.

He has at some point held her guilty for him becoming this way. But once the doctor diagnosed her mental issues, he forgave her. He decided he did not want to be like her and went to a psychiatrist for his depression and early diagnose of problems, if any. He took medication for a year and has now resorted to keeping a check on himself. And my grandma isn't there with us anymore.

I am glad that my dad seeked medical help for his mental health as this helped prevent bigger problems later. I believe that our parents’ generation suffer through some of our issues too but do not seek help because of unawareness or taboo. They are like us in ways, but unlike our generation they are not open to solving issues, and that with our help can change.

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