My Bully Bestfriend

In 9th standard, I had changed my school, and so I became an easy victim for a guy and his group of friends who used to bully me and cause me trouble for any and every reason. I did not have the kind of friends who could support me or stand up for me. One day, I stood up for myself and told them that if they beat me now, they will have to pay for it later. This probably made them fear the consequences and they stopped talking to me after that.

There was a leader of the bully gang who used to live near my house and be in the same cricket team as I was. After that incident they never bullied me again and through cricket we became friends.

Only slowly did I realise the problems of Rishab (name changed). I got to know that he had a senior sister, whose boyfriend had leaked her MMS and so he was teased and insulted for that by his own friends and the entire school. A lot of restrictions had been imposed on him by his family after that. So, the bully he had become, had stemmed from his own defense mechanism.

I tried to understand this and began interacting more with him. I began sharing my own problems with him, and slowly not only did we become close friends, but he also stopped bullying and troubling other people.

According to a five year long study, 36% students from class 9 to 12 said that they had been bullied. And according to experts this rampant harassment on school campuses is because of the lack of social and emotional learning in India and the little moral education we receive in schools is limited to books.

I think it’s high time that we realise this and make the necessary changes in our lives.

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