Me Too or Everyone Else

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Story of Anonymous

I don't think we can find a lot of people in this world who have not been at least once sexually abused. It is an unfortunate statistic.

I remember being abused at the tender age of 9, and then 11. At 9, there was a family friend, married, in his forties, who came to our place a lot. I guess now I know why, he would make me sit on his lap and when no one was looking, he would take out his penis for me to fondle with it. I faintly remember him trying to move his hands under my pants but I was way too little to figure out what that meant. All I knew that it felt intrusive. It took me about a year to go tell my mom about him when one day he tried to make me blow him. I was clearly disgusted as a child, and my mom did something about it that I'm still unaware of, and he never came back.

At 11, my uncle asked me to kiss him on his lips. It is not okay to ask for a kiss when the kid is 11 years old. And especially not okay when you are alone, on bed, half naked, with the kid on top, and forcefully. I was uncomfortable mainly because I was being held too tightly, so I resisted but he didn't let go of me.

There is a cousin of mine who used to live 5 mins away, 2 years elder, female. She used to call me over when no one was home so that we could play. I guess getting an 11-year-old naked and touching and kissing her counted as playing for her. It happened for 7 months and then they shifted to some other place.

I realized I was sexually abused all these times when I turned 19. I still talk to my cousin when we meet at family gatherings. I still don't have the courage to avoid her or confront her. It doesn't happen now, but it has ruined my ability to be intimate with anyone, I think I'll always be scarred.

There are so many children who are dealing with what I encountered. While it is shameful, it is equally appalling that abusers seem to have disregard for the consequences. Is it not important than ever that we ensure our children’s safety?

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