Marching towards victory

Story By: Anonymous

This was my third protest in my college, yet it was the first one to be successful. It started as a general protest on the deteriorating food quality in the hostels but it all took a turn when the Administrative Officer (A.O.) suspended six boys for this protest(which was a collective protest) without giving the students a chance to be heard or a Committee Hearing. Making statements like “I identify you as girls before students” or " I Will chew your balls off", the administrative officer was the least student-friendly person and a flagbearer of of casual sexism and oppressive authority in college.

We, the students of RGNUL, were frustrated and after numerous failed protests we had the required experience. We had started using voice recorders in our phones to collect evidence against the A.O. and we as seniors had made sure to entail certain aspects towards the success of this protest. As soon as the six students got suspended, a rage formed in our campus. We sent a representation to the VC and around 11:30-12:00 at night silent protests started in every hostel.

At about 2:00-3:00 am the movement quickened its pace and everyone was near the main gate of the college. The entire crowd was chanting throughout the protest, there was media coverage as well. The protests had raged enough for police to get involved. We were all protesting since the previous night and just about noon some HC judges who were in campus came to talk to us. The pattern with these judges and even a portion of the alumni who did come to talk on behalf of the authorities was similar, their answers remained vague and they tried ending discussions by personally targeting people.

On day three of the protest, a Governing Committee member (the Advocate General ) came to talk us, he was the first person to not hold a bias for the authorities. He spent some quality time with us and built his trust. He then requested us to have some student representatives accompany him to the VC, wherein the 4 demands we stated were finally met. All in all, it was a victory. Victory against sexism and an autocratic management was achieved. A victory to freedom.

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