Making my own Decisions

I have always been a bit of a tomboy. As a kid, I used to get into fistfights and do a lot of sports especially badminton and volleyball. It was until my teens that I didn't realize that girls were supposed to behave differently.

One day I wore a sleeveless shirt to my volleyball practice. This girl, standing near me, started whispering to another girl about how some people come undignified to practice. They were referring to my unshaved armpits. I was shocked to see them react this way. My own mother hadn’t asked me to remove hair from my armpits till then. There were other boys too of my age, but they weren’t expected to shave their arms and legs for the practice, why was I. Why was I expected to look like a prime example of womanhood at the mere age of 13.

I forgot about this incident. Three years ago, I was reminded of this incident when my mother wanted me to get waxed for a family function. I was 17 back then and I did it because I was told how waxing is important for my hygiene, and that it doesn’t look nice if girls didn’t wax. But, that was the only time I did it. I made it a point to never do it again. It's been three years since I last waxed and I am absolutely fine.

I continue to wear short clothes. Someone told me that men wouldn’t want to date women who don’t remove their body hair. It was funny because I believe that if a guy finds me unattractive because of my body hair, I would rather not date the guy. There are a lot of things that attract a person towards another person besides body hair. I do get starred especially in public transport or from friends sometimes. But I have always asserted that since it is my body, it should be my choice.

I believe that waxing or not should be a choice. Absolutely nothing should be forced on anyone. But today we are conditioned to look picture perfect since the time we are born and there should be an alternative voice too that presents you the other side of the coin.

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