Make out

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Story By: Antra Dasgupta

Loneliness can leave blemishes in life. I realized it on my first conversance with “make out”. When I first saw him sitting on the other side of the cubicle, I had a sense of penchant in the first glance, which was indeed strong in nature. As days passed by, my fixation with the digger grew stronger every single day. And with his efforts, we somehow accomplished friendship, which turned into infatuation for me and in few days I was love-struck.

I left the job and a fair bit happened in between two years and I was diagnosed with “Major Depressive Disorder” and loneliness and there I was again under his spell.

This time I was too desperate to look for a diversion from the malady. And he was the facile option I could find for myself.

Since I’ve been always quite vocal about my life and experiences, I spoke about my mental health quite openly in order to encourage other folks to find the same courage as me. However, little did I know that, these reading materials can become a weapon to someone to make me fall in their prey?

One fine day, the same digger messaged me through a social media platform that how it is unbelievable that a chirpy person like me can have depression. And the sympathy and empathy led to sex-chat and we decided to make out. The bastard was very particular about the lingerie wear and his obsession with a skimpy one piece. And the sincerity within me adhered to every commandment to the T.

He was no less than an animal in the whole act. Since the agreement was sealed to only make out, I started feeling uncomfortable just after a while. However, the animal didn’t stop. And I suddenly felt something trying to thrust inside me and I pushed him away and I realized the protection was removed. Yes, had he been entered me successfully that day, I could have call it rape.

However, I don’t regret my decision of going with him that day. It rewarded me with a few lessons such as (a) Friends with Benefits can be dignified (b) Either of the partner can back out anytime no matter what the conversation was before the commencement (c) Back off if it’s a no (d) Respect that “No”

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