Just Another Girl who was sexually assaulted in Childhood

I was 7 yrs old when I went to my friend’s house to play with her. Her father joined us and asked me to sit in ‘Vajrasana’ pose by explaining to me all its benefits. At first, I didn’t realize that I was being touched inappropriately but then I started feeling uncomfortable so I asked my friend to switch places with me.

Then, I insisted my friend to play a different game that didn’t involve her father. But he forced us to play hide and seek with him. He told his daughter to find us. He took me to his bathroom saying “Let’s hide here, she won’t be able to find us and we will win!” He shut the bathroom door and started touching my private parts and asked me to do the same with him. Then he began suffocating me. I felt like vomiting. I felt so disgusted but all I wanted to do was run away to my house.

I pushed him away with all the power I had and ran out of the bathroom. I told my friend “I am going home because your father is a bad man and he does things that make me nauseous.” I didn’t understand what had happened to me so I never told anyone about it. I ignored that friend of mine for years until her father met us in a market one day. I was 16, well aware of what had happened 11 yrs ago. He tried talking to my younger sister and was constantly staring at her. It was then when I raised my voice and shouted at him “You’re the reason I still feel disgusted every day! Don’t you dare look at my sister or any other girl? Just remember what I ‘as a girl’ am capable of doing!” The crowd near us understood that man’s ugly character. That was the last day I saw his pathetic face. He along with his family left the home because of the embarrassment. I was so happy that I not only saved my sister and but also spoke up myself. That day, I realized the importance of speaking up.

Years later today, I write poems and articles for children and women to make them aware of their strengths. This incident has made me so strong that today, I walk the streets bravely without any fear.

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