Getting rid of my boobs

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Story By: Ankit Kumar

It all started back when I was 16 when I observed that I don't have a normal chest like boys. There was a lump of fat present, that we call man boobs. My buttocks also were not in proper shape. My appearance did not matter much until one day I was sitting with some of my buddies, and they started pressing my chest and buttocks just for fun. For them it was fun. But they started doing this more regularly. They were senior to me; hence I never had the courage to oppose them. The same teasing started happening in my coaching too. I used to feel so helpless, on verge of tears. I have a hormone disorder, which caused my appearance the way it was. Amidst this, I had to study as I had to go to Kota for JEE preparations. My parents put up high hopes for me. I felt ‘why me’. I started hitting myself due to my appearance. I grew underconfident that I started hating myself. I developed an Anxiety disorder, and could not speak in front of a group of 3-4 people.

Somehow, I passed through this phase. My college life began. I had hoped that this harassment will end. It did not. This time, it took a huge toll. I wasn't able to focus on studies at all. I stopped going to classes. My grades fell. One day, playing football, I injured my knee. Football had saved my life. It was the only shining light in these times for me. I was prescribed bed rest for 2 months. This time, I decided I will have to fix my problems. I started doing google search on how to fix my man boobs and the buttock fat. I found a place that offered laser liposuction for both the zones of the body. I went for the liposuction surgery. Convincing parents was tough. When they agreed, there was no looking back for me. I went to counselling sessions for my anxiety disorder.

People tend to be insensitive. It's not cool to harass anybody. How about stepping into someone else’s shoes and think about what a they will feel? I never blame the people. I don’t have any hard feelings. It was a testing phase, and I came through it. Today I do theatre shows. I dance solo. I hope to be on big screen in near future.

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