Getting molested on a date

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Story By: Barkha Gaur

I had met him on tinder. He had contacted me almost a year after we had exchanged numbers and I didn’t really think that getting a cup of coffee with him would be such a big deal. So, I came back from work, splashed some cold water on my face and headed out. I was happy, even excited by the prospect of having scored a date.

He was tall and he gesticulated a lot. A year junior to me, he was still in college. He was pretty cute and I liked him instantly. We strolled in the alleyways of some society and talked for hours. It couldn’t have been more perfect.

That was until we sat on the bonnet of a parked car under a banyan tree and he suddenly kissed me. Caught off-guard I didn’t know how to react. My hands reached up to his chest to push him away but all I could muster was a gentle nudge while he held my hands tighter and pulled me even closer to him, slipping his tongue down my throat all the while. For a moment I even let him, then I jerked back suddenly freeing myself of his hold.

I looked into his face searching for something, maybe remorse, even embarrassment, any emotion that would convey to me that he knew what just happened was wrong but all he did was curl his lip and say irritably, “What’s wrong?”. I wanted to shout, how could he not know what was wrong? I wished I had stormed off then or told him everything that was going on in my mind but I didn’t, I said “I am not exactly a big fan of PDA.” I stayed there like I was petrified as though moving would break me to pieces, as though looking at him would somehow validate what he had done. I could sense his tense body beside mine, his arm brushing mine lightly. “it’s really late, I am going to head home.”

He touched the nape of my neck gently and whispered, “It’s alright, I’ll drop you.”

I started walking slowly away from him and without looking back said, “No! I’d rather take the metro.”

He said something, I am sure of it but I couldn’t hear it over the sound of my heart beating like drums in my ears, and then I ran. On my way back home I wondered if it was all my fault.

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