Evading Sexism

Updated: May 28, 2021

Currently, I am a 21-year-old middle-class woman, who like most other women has to challenge stereotypes and evade sexism on a daily basis to get things done. There was a time when my age was exactly the opposite, but the problems were still the same. This was the time when I was entering my adolescent years and was a naïve 12-year-old. I was insecure and curiously unaware of the changes that my body was going through.

On one such obscure day, something happened in the life of the 12-year-old me, left an imprint on my being forever. It was a normal, bright afternoon of 2009 and I was jovially walking to my tuitions. On my way, I met a man on the bike, he stopped midway to ask for directions and as I raised my hand to point towards the way, he grabbed my breasts. I was just 12 then and I was shocked and scared and I just ran away. For days, I thought it was my fault. I could not share it with anyone, but my best friend who happened to be with me at that time, and was left equally shocked.

It was broad daylight and I was just 12. It's been nine years since that incident and it's still fresh in my memory. Thanks to all the education and awareness around me, it took me some time to get over it and to realize that it wasn't my fault. I have grown up to be stronger now and I try my best to teach others, especially young girls to be stronger and braver to handle such situations.

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