Do you remember me Baba?

Story By: Anonymous

I am the youngest daughter in the family. I’ve an older sister and brother as well. Very clearly I can remember my childhood. I was very young when my father walked out from my mother and his three children who were completely dependent on him.

My father was a wanderer. Though he had a good job with a decent earning, he couldn’t survive through a workplace for more than six months. He was reckless and carefree.

Every now and then he used walk out of the house for office and never come back for months to come. Initially I used to get worried for my father that what if he is no more or what if he is lost. Night after night I sobbed and waited for his return. Whenever I asked my mother about him, the calmness and the sense of reassurance of his coming back used to leave me perplexed. And with time I learnt that he will come back once he is worned out from meandering aimlessly.

With time I realized that why my mother was at peace whenever he wasn’t around. Things started haunting me, as I realized that his occasional appearances were the nights of violence.

One day in the usual manner he left the house and never came back. It’s been 40 years that my father left us. I don’t know whether he is alive. I don’t know whether he has another family he left us for or he’s just being himself.

However, I still remember playing with my father as a little girl. How I used to cling on his back to swing and he called me Maa (way of addressing children). Nothing new, that this society has always been indifferent and cruel to women. My father leaving us has raised several questions on my mother that why she couldn’t keep him. Today, I want to counter it saying, is it really my mother’s fault? Didn’t the family know about their son? Why did they marry him off when he had all the signs of not being worldly? A lot many years have passed. And I am sympathetic towards my mother who is no more. However, I don’t have any grudges against my father either. In this lifetime, if I meet my father someday, I would just ask him one thing ‘do you remember me Baba’?

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