Colouring my Manliness Pink

You often hear this from people “Men don’t wear bright colours. They don’t cry over things or incidents”.

I, on the other hand, have always loved wearing bright colours with flowers, embroidery, and glitter on them. And I have also always been extremely emotional. Basically I am everything that according to people, men shouldn’t be. 

Ever since I remember, I have always been made fun of by everyone around me – some of my relatives, neighbours, school colleagues, everyone.  

When I was a kid, I used to love getting dressed, wearing colourful clothes but people around me, including some relatives, would make fun of me by calling me a girl. 

So although my parents and my sister were really supportive of my choices, they still discouraged me from wearing clothes of my choice, when I went out to some family gathering or so.  

Not just colourful, I was also an emotional person, which means that I cried in situations whenever I felt vulnerable. And I was always bullied because of this. Fellow kids would say “See, look at him crying like a girl” or “oh! he gets his things done by crying in front of people”. 

It used to really trigger me. I studied in an all boys’ school, and it became so intense for me that sometimes I would cover my tears by being angry and getting into fights with other kids. 

I faced the same type of judgements, including by some of the professors in my college. I was in mechanical engineering, so I was expected to wear more regular greys and blues, which I found really boring.   

In one incident, when I was in the third year of my college, I bought a bag with a print of stars on it, for which I was trolled by several guys.

Eventually, I almost gave up on wearing colorful clothes and started buying more plain shirts, and black shoes. 

In reality, I was obsessed with fashion, brands, prints, and giving out tips to people around.

It was during this time when I met my current girlfriend, who made me realize that none of these opinions matter, and this should not affect my choices. That’s when I started to feel comfortable wearing colourful clothes again. 

I and she also went on to start our own fashion business and began selling colorful block print shirts and clothes.

Today, I can confidently say that pink is my favourite colour and  I’ve embraced the idea that there is no such thing as too girly or boyish - after all, how can masculinity be so fragile that a mere color should determine whether you are a man or not?

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