Chasing our wanderlust one surprise at a time

Story by Mona And Chintan

Have you ever met someone who changed your life forever?

For me, it is certainly this girl who's been the center of my life for more than 3 years now! We met in college but didn’t become the best of friends until after graduation on our first travel trip, miles away from home.

And it was when we were sipping coffee on a bench by a canal in Amsterdam past midnight, lost in our own little world while life breezed past us, that we expressed our love to each other. This was our first travel trip but also the first of many which were to follow.

Our trip to Europe lasted around 15 days and when we returned, we had two sets of photos. My clicks featured city lights whereas Mona’s were close-ups of things like coffee cups, autumn leaves and so on.

Like most people, we had the habit of uploading our clicks on our social media. People loved them and often asked us loads of questions about our trip. So, we decided to start our own travel page.

This page was a common blog for our travel pictures. Initially, we weren’t active and posted pictures whenever we felt like it.

And when we decided to explore our own city on weekends, we started posting those pictures too. Through our blog, we showed our city in a different light in the early morning hours.

This created a lot of excitement among our audience. People loved our posts and if we missed a Sunday, we would often get messages asking why we weren’t going.

We can’t stay in one place for more than 15 days as we need a change in scenery. Both Mona and I get bored very easily and discovering new places is something which excites us. We love capturing local lights and people. While traveling, we always go to places like the local market first as we get an essence of the place.

Initially, we hadn’t posted pictures of ourselves as we were both camera shy but when we did, the response was amazing. We had been hesitant to post our own pictures because we weren’t sure how our chemistry would be in front of the camera or how our loved ones would react. We didn’t know how comfortable we would be with posting a picture publicly.

But we decided to go for it. And with practice we became better at capturing our photos.

We frequently get asked how we juggle between traveling and work. It’s very much possible to work and travel. We had to give up a few things in order to experience far better things. It’s all about priorities and we prioritized traveling. Most of our savings go towards traveling too.

When we had first gone to Europe, we didn’t think that it would end up changing our lifestyle. We couldn’t have predicted that we would end up starting our own travel page or would wake up early to capture the hidden gems of our city. But life is full of surprises.

Today, we get up at 4 a.m. to chase the light and feel bad if we miss a sunrise. This is our life and this is what traveling is for us. And this is how you will find us most of the time - cherishing the simple joys of life while holding hands and exploring some beautiful places around the world!

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