Can True Love be Ageless

Earlier if someone had asked me this question, my reply would have been negative. After 5 years of courting and 4 years of nuptials of dating a guy 12 years younger than me, I know that true love can be ageless.

When I started dating him, despite being a fearless and independent woman, I had my own trepidations - both societal and personal. I was at the senior management level in a renowned organization, with a handsome paycheque. How can I say yes to a guy younger by 12 years, that too a junior in the same firm? My instinct was seconded by my colleagues and friends too. But, after a  few hangouts, I was completely bowled over by his absolutely focused personality.  Not only did he know what his life goals were but he had a road map to achieve them all. While we were dating and I was somewhat convinced, but I still had some fears about this relationship. I wondered if he would be comfortable introducing me as his girlfriend. When I shared this discomfort with him, his unpretentious reply was “Trust me, I won't shy from introducing you as my life partner also”. After this, I knew I was meant to be with him. We decided to marry each other after being together for 4 years. My family had its own apprehensions given it was going to be an inter-religion marriage - him being a Hindu and I a Muslim, but they eventually relented, after meeting him and realizing how happy he made me. We still face many verbal and non-verbal questions. After our marriage, one of Ronak’s friends directly asked him why he had married someone so much older when he could easily get hitched to some girl his age. Assumptions were made that he was doing it for financial security or seeking someone on whom he can depend for emotional security, but most of the time it was done behind our backs. The most surprising part about this is that people who raise their brows are the so-called well-read who pretend to be open-minded and liberal.

Now, almost a decade after being with him, I feel younger and livelier. He has truly been a pillar of support. I believe that in every relationship nothing else matters, not even age, only love does. We live in a patriarchal system wherein we always expect the man to be older than the woman. If that was a perfect system of marriage than why would abusive and failed marriages exist. 

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