Breaking up with a Weighing machine

Story By: Amrita Saigal

I have always been a chunky girl and I have never really fitted into the typical perfect size of the society. However, it has never held me back from seeking the respect that I deserve. I have had multiple partners at different point of time in life and I have always made sure that they respect me and accept me for the way I am.

Recently, I broke up with a guy whom I had been dating for four years. He wanted to get married, except he had one condition that I should lose some weight. I was 120 kgs when he proposed. I was so close to him and I didnt want to lose him. I gave in to his demand and began working out and dieting to lose weight. I tried really hard.

It did show results sometimes, but other times when it didn’t, he would often snap at me. He would blame me for not trying hard enough, which was clearly not the case. He would frighten me about the relationship not working out and the possibility of a break up.

But with time, as the badgering continued, we exchanged words - harsh words, and I broke up with him. I refused to bow down to his demands and the norms of the society and in turn chose to stand for the rights of my body. My upbringing has always taught me to be independent, and self sufficient. I love myself and solitude has never been a problem. I believe that I am self sufficient to live anywhere on my own.

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