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Updated: Sep 10, 2020

CW: Non fiction, real life story. Sexual Abuse of minor. Gaslighting and victim blaming.

Year: 2007-2008

Story By: Anonymous

Imagine a girl in 6th grade . Lets call her Mia. Her school has no scheme of sex education what so ever.

Now Mia's school has this policy that a girl and a boy will share a bench. Mia has always been a little aloof so she has only 2-3 friends in class. One day, the boy who sits next to Mia- Let's call him A- puts a hand inside her pinafore from the little gap kept for hooks. Mia fumbles, and thinks that this happened by mistake. She ignores. The same thing happens thrice in the same day.

she's afraid about facts being completely changed before they reach her friends or authorities. So she doesn't know if she should tell about A and what he is doing to her to anyone. This goes on for 4 weeks straight and Mia doesn't reciprocate. . And in the time when she's staring into her notebook or she's talking to her 2-3 friends during PT class, A has told this story to at least 10 boys from his class. Some have even seen it happen. And they have also seen Mia shut up and not say a word.

This goes on for a year. By then, A who used to just brush his fingers on Mia's thigh has gradually moved steps ahead. He later started putting his hand inside her shorts and then inside her knickers and finally till her clitoris. Grade 6, classroom, an 11 year old girl and a 12 year old boy stroking her clitoris. He also forces her to touch his penis and she refuses a lot. She's scared to talk to anyone. This boy threatens her that he'll tell about this to everyone so she does what he asks her to do.

But at the end, it messed up Mia's grades, interests, hobbies, self confidence, self esteem and life then in general. She's afraid of having physical contact because whatever happened has left her shattered and scarred.

This story is from one of the so called prestigious schools of Mumbai. All the names in the story have been changed because the writer doesn't want to be contacted.

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