Because everything that glitters isn't gold

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Story By: Anonymous

I grew up in a family that was looked up to, educated, well settled, and modern parents. And I also thought so, till the age of 15. Until I got the biggest shock of my life.

I remember coming home from my last day school before the starting of the summer vacations. My mother sat me down and asked me to pack bags because we were going to Nani's place. I happily did that, took all my favourite clothes that would last for 2 months because that's the amount of time I spent there during vacations.

Turns out, those bags were going to last for a lifetime because that was the last night when I was sleeping in that house. Two weeks later, my mother called me and my brother and told us that we were not going to go back home. I didn't know how to react. I initially thought she was joking, but she wasn't. My parents, the so called well educated, well settled, modern people, have been fighting with each other for years, without any of us having the slightest hint. My dad had been doubting my mother of cheating on him for years and she had fought it all for the sake of her children.

That doesn't mean that I hate my father. I have received great amount of love from my father as well, no doubt about that. I still can't decide who amongst them is wrong because I've heard both sides of the story and both of them are equally dear to me. I am unsure of everything except for one thing, I have lost my trust in love and marriage.

It's never as good as it looks. This incident has scarred me for life and it's an irreparable damage. There is nothing like a happy family, just because it looks well settled. One might also find problems in places one least expects them in. Everything that glitters is not gold.

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