Atheism is synonymous with survival

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Story of Amitha Golapalli

I am an atheist, and not believing in the presence of god is perhaps not the only reason, I call myself that. I also do that because following god and religion will make me doubt my own existence and abilities. And my childhood is replete with instances of being condescended by the hands of religion and customs. One such thing happened when I was a teenager and I, along with my family went for a trip to Tamil Nadu in the season of winters.

My mom believes in astrology and astrologers and hence while passing through Vaidiswaran koyal, viilage of an acclaimed astrologer, we decided to stop there. He claimed to tell everything about anyone just by looking at their finger prints. And we as children felt curious about it.

After seeing my finger, he made a few claims like how I would never get a job of my satisfaction and how going abroad could only do me good. And it was fine.

But what he said next probably blew me away as a child. He told my father that it was because of the sins he had committed in his previous birth that he had two daughters now. I was sitting right beside my father when he said that and for a child, I don’t think if anything can be worst than thinking of herself as a punishment for her parents. It can send you in a state of constant diffidence and self doubt.

Although my parents are well educated and it was quickly dismissed as blatant non sense, but what about those hundreds of people, who are not as educated, who blindly follow and worship him? People who spend their lives believing him and mould their lives according to him? What about their daughters who grow up to think of themselves as burden and punishment for their parents and family? And he is not the only one who says this; he is just one of the many godmen whom people blindly worship and follow in our country.

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